Clash Royale – Blower is an amazing card

Clash Royale – Blower is an amazing card

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Clash Royale is an amazing game with lots of challenging battles to win. To win the battles and finally win the game, you should know the right techniques to progress in the game. While many players are experienced, others find it easy to go with Clash Royale hack to win the game easily and quickly.

Let us learn about Bowler card, which is an amazing card, which is terrible on defense. He can destroy every type of ground push no matter how big it is. While protecting against Giant beatdown decks, he can damage supports and Giant behind. He also has a higher HP, which can sink damage for your troops behind a couple of seconds.

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Against the deck, Trifecta, he can destroy a Hog Rider easily before it tries to hit your Tower. It is also an Elixir advantage that supports a situation where the opponent protects its Hog using Goblins, Fire Spirits and Ice Spirits. Then, it becomes easy for you to attack back.  He is strong enough to stop a powerful push within a few seconds, giving you the perfect Elixir advantage.

Bowler attacks the Spawner decks completely and eliminates the swarms faster. On offense, he fulfils the role of a lovely Sparky. At times he performs much better as compared to Sparky in assisting weak troops and tankers due to its strong fire rate, the effect of push-back and a long and straight track of his rocks.

He is definitely weaker than the cute Sparky, when it comes to destroying towers, but you know how helpful he is on offense. Also, he can target the Tower of the opponent from the bridge with the help of his rocks. So you can easily use him in place of Sparky to get more power.

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Is The Sims 5 Not Happening? What’s The Future of the Game?

Is The Sims 5 Not Happening? What’s The Future of the Game?

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There has been a lot of conjecture on the regarding the fate of Sims 5, which is supposedly the next installment of the most-popular stimulation video game series. However, the Sims 5 is certainly not to be considered as the most-awaited video game. The main reason behind it is the failure of the Sims 4 video game is its failure to meet the expectations of the fan. Apart from that, with the shutting down of the Maxis Studio, which has been the developer of Sims for a long time further makes the launch of the new installment an uncertainty.

Sims 5 Can Still Happen

Will the game producer release Sims 5? According to reports, game publisher is slightly worried about the current response to the 4th installment of the game. Developers of the game expected it to be a huge hit like the previous three installments. However, the poor sales of Sims 4 have made EA put their plans to come up with the Sims 5 take a backseat.

The official statement released by EA assured the fans that Sims franchise will continue. There is a huge chance of moving the Maxis Studio to a new location. EA has further confirmed the fact that they are working on the development of Sims 4 and also focusing on expansion packages of the game for all gaming platforms.

One thing is clear that the developers of this game are not going to shut down the franchise which has earned so much fame. Fans will have to wait till the developers make any official announcement of the closure of the gaming series.

Going by the reports, it seems that Sims 5 is a prospect for EA in the future. However, it can’t be predicted on how quickly it can come. Right now, they are focusing on developing Sims 4.

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